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Taco Tuesday: Cartoon Inspired in Partnership with Jack Roth 5K Rock & Run/Walk

Taco Tuesday: Cartoon Inspired

Join us every Tuesday from 5-9pm for public a-la-carte dining as we celebrate and raise money for local partners. Themes and menus change weekly so be sure to check our full Events Calendar for the latest information.

Walk-ins are welcome and no reservation is needed for Taco Tuesdays.


$3 TACOS | Your Choice of Corn or Flour Tortilla

Popeye | Wimpy’s Burger Taco: Seasoned beef slider, cheddar cheese, Popeye’s spinach, red onion, & garden salsa (Contains Gluten & Egg, cooked with Olive Oyl)

Spongebob Squarepants: Mr. Crab’s cabby patties, Vigeo Gardens local lettuce, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions, & tarter sauce (GF, Contains Egg)

Peppa Pig | Barnyard BLT: Ground pork & Bluescreek bacon, Vigeo Gardens local lettuce, cherry tomatoes, & blue cheese sauce (GF, DF)

Cow & Chicken: Oven roasted chicken, hash brown potatoes, arugula, buffalo “Red Guy” sauce, & blue cheese sauce (GF)

Veggie Tales: Roasted mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, white beans, red onions, cherry tomato, spinach, & basil pesto (GF, DF, V, Contains Pine Nuts)


$7 | Courage the Cowardly Dog: “Stupid Dog!” smoked pork sausage, leeks, Nowhere’s sun-dried tomatoes, three cheese blend & berry salsa

$5 | Tom & Jerry: Traditional three cheese blend quesadilla & sour cream


$5 | Johnny Quest: Jungle Adventures salad with romaine, arugula, spinach, multi-color fingerling potatoes, red onions, goat cheese, & champagne vinaigrette dressing(GF,DF,V)

$6 | Hello Kitty: Two soft hirata bun sandwiches with Bluescreek Farm lamb-mint sausage, Jack Ruby BBQ sauce, & red cabbage slaw

$4 | Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Frylock’s Loaded sweet potatoes with goat cheese, green onions, & prosciutto bacon(GF)


$30 | Tasting Platter: A shareable portion of each taco, side dish, and a miniature specialty quesadilla…dessert is a little extra.


$3 | Rugrats: Angelica’s favorite, one jumbo chocolate chip cookie


Taco Tuesday’s do not involve a participatory dining element (yup, that means we take care of all prepping, cooking, and cleaning) and are an excellent way to see our space, support the local community, and eat some delicious tacos.

if you are planning a celebration, Taco Tuesday is a great place to gather a large group for a birthday party, happy hour or going away party.  We have several party packages available, or you may customize your own. Contact us at or 614.225.8940 to start planning your Taco Tuesday Celebration.

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