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Star Wars: Spring Break Camp 3/28

Star Wars: Spring Break Camp

Join us for a Star Wars inspired 1-Day spring break camp. March 28th from 8:30am-12:30pm for ages 8-12.



Jedi Master Durobo will lead you through a droid dissection to identify possible energy sources. Padawan will then build their own droids that will move freely and light up. To finish the droid section, the Jedi’s in training will decorate their own BB-8 Droid Cupcake. Eat now or later!

The Force

Students experiment with attraction and repulsion through magnet and electromagnetic forces. As a test of The Force, Padawan create a magnetic motor which will cause a screw to spin by itself.

Going Lightspeed

As Hans Solo said, “Watch the thrust. We’re going out of here at Lightspeed”. Jedi Master Durobo continues the camp with a bottle rocket and launch pad demonstration.


To finish the day, students build their very own lightsaber and craft a Hans Solo style marshmallow launcher.

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