The Kitchen Chemistry: Spring Break Camp

The Kitchen Chemistry: Spring Break Camp


Join us for a Kitchen Chemistry 1-Day spring break camp! March 22nd from 8:30am-12:30pm for ages 8-12.

8:30am | Acids and Bases

Students mix various solids and liquids to discover the physical changes & chemical reactions of each combination. Next, they will learn about the Red Cabbage Indicator and how to detect pH levels using the vegetable.

9:30am | Fire Demos

Watch as a flame dances in a jar and test the melting point of various sugars. Lastly, make a snake out of powdered sugar, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol. Watch as the snake emerges from the fire and grows with the ashes.

10am | Bake a Cake with Chemistry

Forget everything you know about baking a cake! In this activity, students will learn how baking powder reacts to sugars and proteins to make a fluffy cake. After the cake is made, try your hand at decorating!

11am | Playing with Your Food

Explore chemical reactions with magic milk and whipped cream crumbles. To finish the day, students create their very own marshmallow launchers. Take them outside and test how far your marshmallow goes!

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