Hogwarts Kitchen: Spring Break Camp

Hogwarts Kitchen: Spring Break Camp


Join us for a Harry Potter inspired 1-Day spring break camp. March 20th from 8:30am-12:30pm for ages 8-12.


8:30am | Potions

Professor Durobo will lead you through chemical reactions, melting matter, create the house colors, and top it off with blowing up Aunt Marg.

9:30am | Defense Against the Dark Arts

Explore the Patronus Charm with various dry ice experiments. Look into the Dry Ice Crystal Ball and learn the secrets of the Ministry of Magic Fog.

10am | Honeydukes Sweet Shop

Enjoy a mid-morning break at Honeydukes to make your very own Golden Snitch Cake Pops.

11am | Alchemy

Professor Durobo continues the day by demonstrating the Burning Basilisk and Incendio: The Dancing Flame.

12pm | Care of Magical Creatures

Finish your day by learning about Fantastic Beasts. During this scavenger hunt, students will discover more about local wildlife and the human body itself.

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