Almost six years ago on July 12, 2013, The Kitchen officially opened its doors for business.  We are thrilled to still be cooking together six years later and are excited to launch our blog as a way to celebrate!  The Kitchen came alive through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $40,000 in just 40 days.  It seems only fitting that “crowd-sourced dining” should be made possible through crowd-sourced funding. 

Jen Lindsey and Anne Boninsegna are the aprons behind the idea.  The two have been cooking, catering and throwing parties together for more than 15 years.

Having worked together through their careers at Franklin Park Conservatory - Anne in Special Events and later executive management and Jen as the registrar before moving into food programming- both know what it means to solve problems creatively, think outside of the box and be financially strategic.

Jen has also studied at Columbus State Community College in the Hospitality Management/Culinary Apprenticeship program and has worked with Chef Paul Yow at Barcelona and Chef Josh Wickam at Rocky Fork Country Club as well as doing in-house catering at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Jen and Anne had been planning a food-related business concept for several years, but it wasn’t until they stepped into the space at 231 E Livingston Ave. that their concept really came alive.  The two had been inspired by a cooking camp through The Conservatory that changed their perspective on what a dining experience could be.  They loved how it brought people of different walks of life, opinion and background together by allowing food to be a common denominator. 

When speaking about the concept, Anne says “We all need food to survive, but how we share that food with others is what The Kitchen is really all about.  Friendships are forged and differences forgotten because you have now had an experience with someone that allows you to understand them a little better, you’ve broken bread with them. That is what we hope to accomplish at the end of a dinner.”

It’s been almost six years of community connection, shared memories and, of course, delicious meals enjoyed together- we like to think we have learned a thing or two along the way. We are starting a monthly post about being a woman-owned business that will include our tips, tricks, missteps, greatest achievements and most joyful moments. We hope you enjoy!