The Kitchen News: Tunde Wey Throws LAGOS Pop-Up Dinner at The Kitchen


We are SO excited to be co-hosting (with MStyle) a pop-up dinner with Chef Tunde Wey of Lagos NEXT FRIDAY, September 11!  Tunde has gained a lot of attention lately for his Nigerian food concept which celebrates the idea of simply enjoying the food you grew up with- in this case, that is “hearty, sloppy, spicy, greasy, and fucking delicious” Nigerian food.  Tunde explains Lagos as a direct reaction against “foodie culture,” which tends to place more emphasis on the intellectualism behind a dish.  His viewpoint is that food is meant to be enjoyed- however sloppy, ugly or messy. 

Being a West African immigrant, Tunde embarked on this journey with a mission to see the country as well as to recreate and share dishes from his homeland, and he has done so primarily by Greyhound Bus.  He has done one-man pop-up dinners in New Orleans, Chicago, Buffalo and Detroit, all to rave reviews, and we are so excited to add Columbus to that list.

Patrons of this event can expect a memorable night featuring some of Tunde’s Nigerian favorites.  More than 10 dishes will be served, including vegetarian options, fish, lamb, Cornish hen as well as goat.  Guests can expect meals with distinct spices and a little bit of heat.

We have limited spots left for this incredible experience with Tunde and we encourage you to purchase a ticket and join us- this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Please check out NPR’s coverage of Tunde to learn more about his fascinating story as well as his current struggles in the immigration system.