Pro Tip: The Benefits of Sharp Knives

The fact that a sharp knife will slice food better than a dull one is obvious enough, but why else would you want to make sure you’re keeping your knife sharp?

A sharp knife is better for your food.

When you are using a dull knife, you may end up damaging the cells in your food.  When slicing delicate produce, a sharp knife will ensure that your food stays fresher longer and maintains its physical integrity.  Just think about trying to slice the sensitive flesh of a tomato: when your knife is dull, you ultimately end up crushing it, accelerating wilting and discoloration.

A sharp knife is better for you.

Sometimes the act of food prep can seem daunting.  With a dull knife, the process of chopping all your ingredients can easily become arduous, when it should be an enjoyable precursor to the main event: eating!  A sharp knife will not only ensure that food prep is easier, but it will also be safer.  Where a dull knife can slip, lack traction and make it easier for you to hurt yourself, a sharp knife will reliably sink straight into what you are slicing.  This gives you more control over what your blade is doing and can even elevate your knife technique. 

Maintaining a sharp knife is quick and easy.

So what are your options when it comes to maintaining a sharp knife?  It is actually easier than you may think.  Purchasing your own honing stick or sharpening stone can be expensive, but will likely last you a lifetime.  If you would rather someone else handle your sharpening, there are many services that will inexpensively handle the sharpening for you.  Here at The Kitchen, we love to use Sharpening On Site, another female-owned local business.  Sharpening On Site has seven convenient drop-off sites (including The Kitchen!) but can also come to you with their free on-site sharpening services.